Do you believe that you were made for something? I do.

I think we’re all just looking to carve out a perfect space in the world where we can do the work that we are meant to do.
Where we can put our passions and talents to work in a way that matters, becoming the very best in our craft.

Yeah, we’re idealists. Overachievers, too.

Welcome, visionary! I’m Lisa.

I help business creators package up who they are into a thriving business.

You know all those questions that people expect you to have the answer to? Ones like who you serve, what you sell, what makes you unique, and why you’re doing this? (All packaged up, of course, into stylish messaging that resonates with people?)

I help you answer them, thoroughly, authentically.

I help you sift through all of the noise that’s bombarding you and get in touch with what’s really true and compelling about you and the business you’re building.

I’m also in your corner as you implement these strategies … because clarity doesn’t really help if you wimp out when it comes to putting it out there.


Some more tidbits on my story and how I work:

  • Marketing has a weak spot.

    Or perhaps, a little known prerequisite.

    In my ten years as a marketing professional I learned first-hand the perils of trying to get yourself noticed without a strong sense of your brand direction. How do you get attention when you don’t have something interesting to say?

    I learned the key to strong marketing is having something worthwhile to offer and something original to say. So, I decided to become a brand strategisthelping people create a marketable business by first crafting a noteworthy brand.

    In branding, I’ve found the work that I was made to do, and designed a business around it. My mission is to help you do the same.

  • To me, teaching means championing.

    I’ve been a teacher of some sort for all of my life. I started as a dance teacher, then tutor, then college professor, and now I teach (but really it’s more like “guiding”) through my workshops. My least favourite was actually the college professor because I hated objectively putting a grade on people’s ideas.

    It might mean some pivoting or reshaping, but I’ll always see a way to make your idea and your vision possible.

  • I love a big glorious mess of ideas.

    …so I can organize them.

    I’m a natural (and slightly compulsive) organizer and classifier of ideas – which means that, if you have a lot of them, I can’t wait to help you sift through them, organize them, and raise the best ones to the top.

    A classic overthinker, I often procrastinate by making a system for something instead of just doing it. (Like writing About pages, for example.)

  • Life’s all about the small adventures.

    Brunch, Trails, & Books. #HobbitLife

    I adore fantasy novels, home design, big huggable dogs, and bold coffee. I think we’re always capable of more than we think we are, so we have to challenge our limits on a regular basis. I tell my clients to get out their and “blow their own mind.”

    Then there’s brunch. I have such a serious love of brunch that I have a Spotify playlist called “That Brunch Feeling.” One day I dream of blending branding and brunching because it’s an alliteration made in heaven. Also, if it doesn’t include something both salty and sweet, it’s just “breakfast.”

If you remember just one thing, let it be about you.

You are unrepeatable.

The combination of talent, wisdom, stories, passion, and character that you bring to your work is something that the world will never find anywhere else.

Don’t forget this, and don’t downplay it.

If you’ve struggled with bringing your unique essence to the forefront in your business, and confidently conveying what you do and who you are, let’s talk about changing that. Now.