Blogger’s shame (and an air of change)

This has been a bit of an elephant in the (virtual) room for me.

In fact, I’ve started posts and emails on this topic a number of times, but usually find a great reason why the smart thing to do is chicken out and say nothing.

Here goes: I’m what you might call an inconsistent communicator.

And the proclaimed backbone of building a memorable and successful brand? Consistency, of course. This is my shame.

But in the process of pulling this whole situation apart, I’ve had some realizations that I want to share. They have shifted the way that I think about this golden rule of consistency, and I know I’m not alone in sometimes beating myself up about this.

Cycles & Seasons

Blogger shameI am becoming more and more aware and appreciative of cycles, seasons, and rhythms in personal and business growth.

Yes, you have to show up everyday and do the work, but I also believe that there’s a time to reflect, a time to listen and learn, and a time to speak up and create.

And, when you’re a one-person show (as I am at the moment), you really have no choice but to respect these times as they naturally occur for you. It’s silly to try to hide the fact that your personal nature is a contributing factor to how you run your business.

An Air of Change & Spring Cleaning

“Spring cleaning” feels like a good way to describe what’s been on my mind these last few weeks; this place I have found myself at mentally and intuitively.

Something new, something great, is happening. I can feel this promise of critical clarity and change in the air – a familiar sensation from over two years ago when I first started my business. Whatever this brings, I know that it’s going to require some “out with the old.”

When these stirrings happen, we know we need to stop and listen. They might be unclear, but they are rarely wrong.

But to really listen, we have to stop talking.

A Time to Share

Truth is, when I’m deep in reflection or feeling the call to shut up and listen, I have a heck of a time writing and sharing. Drafts sit abandoned on my WordPress dashboard because nothing’s measuring up.

It feels forced. It feels superficial. Then I stagnate altogether because procrastination steps in to save me from my perfectionism.

I don’t invite friends into my home simply because it’s expected of me, and I don’t want to be the kind of marketer that communicates just because I’m afraid of how it will look otherwise.

That’s not how real connections are formed or relationships built.

The Cost of Inconsistency

Communicating at consistent intervals is a best practice. When you’re a perfectionist like I am, you tend to take these best practices to heart as laws that cannot be broken without losing your right to be an entrepreneur.

But the real cost to being inconsistent is simply a slower growing business. You will lose momentum, you may get forgotten, and you might look slightly less credible to certain kinds of audiences.

For some people, this might be unacceptable, but for most of us journeying the imperfect sands of building our own businesses, it’s going to be inevitable.

And I have a feeling that honouring your innate rhythms and cycles will come with its own multitude of benefits — possibly even surpassing the value of stringent consistency.

Take a little slack (and do great things with it!)

One day, I’d love to become a more seasoned and prolific creator of content. But until then, I’ve freed myself up from the ropes of blogger’s shame.

Because many brilliant leaders have changed lives while departing from the “twice monthly minimum” expectation.

Because forced communicating really doesn’t suit my style or how I want to serve you.

And because I know I’m going to deliver the very best resources and insights I can create, when it feels right to create them.

I invite you to join me in these more forgiving and patient pastures.

Right now, I’m a listener.

I am gathering information and riding a passion for new perspectives and knowledge that will very likely bring great clarity to where, exactly, I’m going next.

And I can’t wait to share what I find! But for now, perhaps you can share something with me.

What articles, books or other resources have you really benefited from recently?

And, if you can you relate either to my blogger’s shame or this learning curve of wielding the cycles and seasons of business growth, I’d love to hear from you in the comments as well. What have you learned about all of this?