Brands in Real Life – Town Shoes

About the Branding Examples in Real Life Series:

The translation of strategy into reality can take imagination, discipline, and steadfast faith in what you stand for. Branding Examples in Real Life is a series that showcases how other brands have done this, so you gain the inspiration to implement your own.

Your brand tells your customers’ story.

As consumers, brands are one of the ways that we express our individual identities. By associating with brands that share our values, tastes, and beliefs, we are telling the world who we are — even if it’s on a subconscious level.

Your brand isn’t any different. Want customers to openly declare their love and appreciation? Make sure you’ve thought about what your brand is saying about them. Check out how Town Shoes crafts a brand experience specifically for their ideal kind of customer.

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What kind of person does your customer want to be when they’re buying your product? What does your brand say about them?