Does Your Brand Truly Reflect Who You Are?

Building a Brand is a Deeply Personal Experience.

When you see your business as an extension of yourself, the stakes feel higher. And, when things aren’t working out, it can mean that you start to question yourself. Do you really have something unique? Do you really have new value to offer? And why does everybody else seem to have it together?

Ever been there? This is an important turning point in the lives of brand creators; It’s when you must resist the urge to start following the paved roads of others, and stay true to your own original vision and much less-travelled journey.

Staying true to who you are is the hard road, no question, but it’s the only way to stay deeply tuned into your business, as though your work and your message are perfectly aligned with who you are. It’s how you build something that’s never existed before and that no other entrepreneur could possibly create (or copy.)

It’s how you leave a legacy.

So, when you feel the pull of the easier road, instead do what it takes to tap back into your true source of passion, inspiration, and uniqueness. Recognize the value of what makes you you. I promise you that what you find there will always be enough.

You are what your brand is made of.

When I work with a client, we always keep coming back to the same fundamentals in the development of a brand — what I call your brand “truths.” These are the raw materials for your perfectly aligned and unique brand. They draw from the very essence of who you are. Chances are, you are taking them for granted.

How about a refresher?

Let’s take a little mining expedition together into your own depths to reconnect with some of these invaluable truths. They provide the solid ground you need to keep stepping things up in your business with confidence and intention. This exercise will also refresh your own appreciation for what you truly have to offer as a person and a business creator; it is a beautiful antidote to feeling redundant or lost in the crowd.

Sign up here to access the free 20 minute mini-workshop, where I’ll provide a rundown of each of your personal brand truths, how to tap into them, and how to put them to use in building and communicating your brand.

These are the most fundamental, unchanging parts of who you are. From what better place could there be to lead your business?

Does your brand truly represent who you are? Free mini workshop via @lisahaggis.