Does Your Brand Truly Reflect Who You Are?

Let’s take a little mining expedition together into your own depths to reconnect with your true source of passion, inspiration, and uniqueness. Rediscover the value of what makes you you.

This Journey Is Your Own

Last week, I attended an amazing conference with speakers I had always dreamed of seeing. And I failed at the whole conference thing. What was meant to uplift me and spark my inner entrepreneurial fire had in fact weakened it, temporarily.

Finding Focus: Stay On Purpose

The Finding Focus Blog Series shows you how to use your brand strategy as a powerful decision-making tool that will help you focus your energy and grow your business. Why does your business really exist? The world …

The world needs substantial brands.

Are you building a Substantial Brand?

Substantial branding isn’t about moulding and polishing, it’s about knowing and respecting an essence. A substantial brand comes from a deep, meaningful place inside of you. When you get deep enough, you find unchanging, rock-strong …