Does Your Brand Truly Reflect Who You Are?

Let’s take a little mining expedition together into your own depths to reconnect with your true source of passion, inspiration, and uniqueness. Rediscover the value of what makes you you.

This Journey Is Your Own

Last week, I attended an amazing conference with speakers I had always dreamed of seeing. And I failed at the whole conference thing. What was meant to uplift me and spark my inner entrepreneurial fire had in fact weakened it, temporarily.

How to (Finally) Identify Your Ideal Customer

A question from Cathy, owner and lead designer at I’m struggling with identifying a common ground around what makes people MY clients beyond the obvious that they a) love my design and b) can …

Are You Clear on Your Craft?

“You’re so in your element right now!” Has anybody ever said that to you? What were you doing when they said it? I’m a bit of a nut about natural talent. I’ve always been fascinated by people who are exceptional at what they do.