Words from My Clients

My clients are the real deal (even if they don’t always know it.)
They are visionaries and perfectionists who are dedicated to becoming the very best at what they do.
They’re over-thinkers, over-achievers, and lifelong students.

Most of all, they care deeply about building a business that helps people and is perfectly aligned with who they are.
Often, this means service professionals and creators, like:

Graphic Designers
Business Coaches & Consultants
Doctors & Health Professionals
Teachers, Bloggers & Infopreneurs
Life Coaches
Experts & Thought Leaders

Dig into some thoughts from my past and ongoing clients below, and set up a time to chat if you’re curious about working together!


"I've accomplished major milestones that wouldn't have been possible without you."

Megan Cain, Blogger & Author, The Creative Vegetable Gardener

“When I started working with you, I wasn’t sure where to go next in my business. As business owners we are often stuck in the middle of our businesses and not able to see the whole picture. Having you come from outside of my business and get to know it in a deep way was so valuable.

With your expert guidance I’ve accomplished major milestones that wouldn’t have been possible without you: a full brand overhaul, a shiny new website and identity that beautifully reflect my brand, a new signature program, and my most successful launch ever.

You’re amazingly skilled at encouraging me to dream big and then breaking down that vision into concrete tasks that help me achieve my goals. Hiring you to help guide my business is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

– Megan Cain, Blogger & Author, The Creative Vegetable Gardener

“Your techniques and questions resonated and drew out some deep hidden passions – and you have a gift of putting words to them that make my soul sing!

You quickly brought me to great clarity on how I want to show up in my business. The way you share your observations in a gentle yet courageous way really helped me break through some barriers

– Jennifer Bodenham, Certified Coach & Facilitator

“YOU are very good at what you do!! I really felt like you understood me and had me figured out.

​I SO appreciated that you spent the time to get the job done. Working with other folks, I’ve often felt a bit rushed and like there’s things I’d forget. The profile is really helpful. I love how there are several different ways/angles of looking at the same thing.”

 – Dr. Deborah Anderson, Naturopathic Physician

"I feel like it 100% represents who I am and what I have to give."

Breanne Hull, Coach, BreanneHull.com

I felt really overwhelmed with about a thousand different ideas, but not one cohesive direction. I wanted to do all of the things, and was unsure about which one to focus on. It was causing me tons of anxiety and I wasn’t sure what I needed was offered by anyone: ‘Please listen to me ramble and then help me focus a thousand ideas into one cohesive vision.’ You TOTALLY delivered!!!

My brand profile is ahhhhh-mazing. I feel like it 100% represents who I am as a coach and what I have to give. I feel so clear and have so many great jumping off points for copy. The documents I ended up with in the end were so beautiful and well-written and act as my bible that I go back to remember my true north. This experience was basically everything I was looking for and more.

I felt so comfortable just saying every single thing that was on my mind, and I felt very seen and heard. I never felt rushed and I felt like we left no stone unturned.

– Breanne Hull, Coach

“Lisa, This stuff works! With my new brand messaging and bio, I just got invited to participate in two telesummits and a couple of podcast interviews.

I love leaping after I have a good foundation under me – this really helped me craft emails that got my vision across.”

– Sue Dunlevie, Successful Blogging

“This experience cuts through the surface level and uncovers the true gems in your brand that can lead to the clarity, focus, and business growth you’re really craving.

You’ll walk away with a strategy that feels true and original to you along with the confidence to own it.”

– Christy Fuston, Fuston Creative

"This is so much more than branding. I know myself better because of you."

Lorena Morales, Founder, Hola Lorena

“I had invested $40,000 in the past 2 years and was still confused and unclear about what made me different than other coaches. I’d worked with so many people and they all gave me strategies — how to network, how to write newsletters, create systems, etc., but none of it worked because I had no idea what I was selling or what I was about. Truthfully, I started to think maybe there was nothing special about me.

You went above and beyond. You took the time to listen to me and truly understand me, even when I felt a bit crazy!! You presented a new beautifully organized document that showed me something that I thought was impossible to figure out. I’m in awe of your integrity and your ability to organize all my crazy (all over the place) thoughts.

I loved everything about the process — I would get a tattoo if I could! I now have clarity, a super fun brand, and I feel confident about my business! This is so much more than branding. I know myself better because of you.”

– Lorena Morales, Founder, Hola Lorena

“I’ve done masterminds/coaching that hold me accountable but doesn’t give me concrete answers. Your work gave me concise answers to work with.

You have a unique way of bringing out the ideas and reasons behind people and their business and translating them into something they can see and use to grow their brand.”

 – Juliana Alonso, Artist, Violeta Roots

“I had been struggling with what made me unique as a practitioner and how to put together a consistent brand message.

Our work together gave me confidence in my unique brand and clarity on what it is I offer from a patient’s perspective.

 – Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur ND, Founder, Docere Naturopathic Clinic

"I fell in love with my business all over again."

Adrianne Munkacsy, Writer & Content Strategist

“I’ve literally been walking around the house with my Brand Profile. It’s written on, highlighted, and wrinkled with loving wear. I don’t make a single decision without referencing it—and the checklist you created—first. LOVE.

I’ve also got so many ideas for what to do next. And best of all, I’m excited to implement them! Before, everything felt like a guessing game. Or like I was trying to live up to the strategies and ideas of my mentors. But I’m no longer pushing myself toward an unknown goal. Instead, I feel like I’m being led by my brand and the direction feels like a perfect fit.

What got me the most jazzed were ALL the ideas you had for my business. Every time you opened your mouth I wanted to write down what you said. You have a gift for turning a brand philosophy into tangible, actionable ideas that benefit me and my clients. I fell in love with my business all over again—and I see the potential my business has, which is something I lost sight of.”

 – Adrianne Munkacsy, Writer & Content Strategist

“You made the process structured and fun – just what I needed. I’m moving forward confidently with a clearer vision and a better vocabulary to talk about my brand.”

 – Jason Billows, Leadership Coach

“You have such a clear, heart-powered way of describing all of this complex stuff, Lisa. I’ve wanted to be this clear about what I want to do (and how I do it) for quite a few years now. Thank you so much!”

 – Maria Stadtmueller, Meet Your Myth

“After years of struggling to articulate what I do and why I do it, I was so touched to finally see all of my dreams and my work expressed so perfectly and clearly in my brand summary.”

– Melanie St. Ours, Psyche & Soma