How to Craft a Compelling Intro. Talk about your business with clarity and conviction.

Craft a Compelling Intro for Your Business

I used to do a thing I call Introduction Roulette.

Early in my business, I was a “strategic marketing consultant” to one person and a “crusader for purpose in our careers” to another. My online messaging was all over the place, and I was constantly “trying on” different versions of myself in hopes of landing on who I really wanted to be in my business.

This was a decent exercise for starting out — helping me rule out the things that led down roads I didn’t like, and see where I was confusing people. (I did that a lot!)

It’s totally normal to go through this stage. We all do it. And there’s nothing wrong with taking some time to get things right.

But you can only stay in that tentative place for so long before it really starts to cost you traction in your business.

When you really want take-off, you need to start nailing this stuff down and talking about what you do with clarity and conviction.

(Not to mention consistency.)

This is where many clients are when they come work with me – they are years into their business and have never fully solidified their message or how they explain what they do. Or they’ve evolved and their messaging no longer feels like a fit.

So, pair my love of workshops and walkthroughs with this very real problem I love to solve, and I was bound to create a “Craft a Compelling Intro” guide at some point.

Last week, I started this off with a live video on how to tell people what you do in a way that feels good and grows your business. It’s filled with concrete guidance on honing in on smart statements and stories. Here it is.

Skip to about 1 minute in if you want to get right to “the meat.”

What’s covered in the training:

  • The trick to confidently talking about your business (it’s all about soundbites and statements, never scripts.)
  • The three core objectives of a good intro. And only wrong ways you can do it.
  • Four options for getting super specific and “niched” with what you do so that you’re referable.
  • The key to building your “like” factor and creating a real connection so that they want to hear more.

Opportunity: Free Intimate Workshop to Master Your Intro

I’m looking for a handful of visionaries to join me for a free intimate intro-building workshop as “hot seat” case studies.

You’ll join me live on Zoom for 90 minutes of guided messaging work, with my personal feedback and recommendations for your business. The workshop will be recorded (think Creative Live style) and shared for other business owners to benefit from your real world example. (That means you will also get a copy.)

You’ll walk away with a fully crafted short and long bio, plus a collection of stories and statements to incorporate into your about page and business conversations.

This is a bit of an experiment on my part, which is why I’m offering up this personalized experience (usually a $500 value) for free to three people that want to come workshop with me and take their messaging to the next level at the same time.

If you’re interested, fill out this short application form. I’m so excited to host and help you out in this way! Let’s do it!