Design Your Brand: Interview with Amy Tan

Design gone right.

I see it all the time: business visionaries that are dedicated to building a strong brand, often even willing to invest in a top-tier designer, but still things break down.

Few things in business are more painful than a design project gone wrong.

And great brands simply can’t come into existence without successful design.

Hence, this interview series.

Whether you are choosing DIY this time around, or ready to invest in a quality visual identity that will go the distance, these insights will help you to avoid design disappointment and the threat of damaging your brand with the wrong implementation choices.

First up, Amy Tan of TreeSpace Studio.

Amy works heavily with artists and creative businesses, but her brilliant advice is universally relevant.

The full interview is 30 minutes long (it’s so worth it if you are embarking on design!), but you can use the times mentioned below the video to guide you to the topics you’re most interested in. (Or you can download the MP3 and have a listen on the go.)

Watch the interview:

Here’s what we cover:

  • The value of finding the right creative keywords for your brand, and how to do it.
  • The 2 keys to brand memorability. (3:00)
  • Finding your brand personality. (Amy has a great tip for brands that are not based upon the personality of the founder.) (4:24)
  • What you should know before investing in design. (6:14)
  • The secret to a great logo, and the #1 rule that should never be broken. (10:34)
  • What you can DIY, and some good rules of thumb. (16:55)
  • Choosing the best font for your brand. (20:18)
  • Beyond the business card: tangible gifts that build your brand. (23:12)

Some tweet-ready takeaways for you:

“Tangibility is going to set brands apart in the next five years. You can make an impression in a big way.”

“Choosing a font? Think high-end magazine, not take-out menu.”

“Brand personality isn’t about adding more, it’s about being more you.”

What design challenges have you had to deal with? Share your own experiences and tips in the comments below!

You can find out more about Amy and her offerings at