Show Me Your One-Liners! Are You Making the Most of Your Headings?

Show Me Your One-Liners! Making Your Headings Count.

Are you putting these messaging super-heroes to work in your business?

You know that throw pillow or knitted blanket that you love so much? It doesn’t really matter where you put it, it just fits right in and beautifully expresses your personal style?

In messaging, there’s a similar idea; concise phrases that epitomize who you are and enhance almost any area of your online presence with personality and punch.

They’re what I call “one-liners.”

They’re like messaging superheroes for your brand. And, if you read on, you’ll learn how you can get my free help whipping a couple up!

These phrases you create should do one of two things:

  • Make a statement that reflects your unique point of view, or,
  • Send a signal that hits home with something on your potential client’s mind.

Every featured heading on your website should be either a statement or a signal.

Having these refined messaging building blocks ready to go makes a big difference when writing copy. I pulled tonnes of one-liners directly from my True Brand Profile as I developed new content for my site and social channels. Ideas like:

Figure out who you are and how you want to show up in your business. (Signal.)
Do you believe that you were made for something? I do. (Statement)
Building an authentic business should be easy, but it’s not. (A bit of both!)

Want to gather up a few of your own?

When I work with clients, I often find these gems buried deep in a paragraph of existing copy on their site. So head off on a little treasure hunt through your main pages and favourite posts to see what you’ve already written and how you might polish it up and give it a place of prominence for your brand.

Plus, a fun (and free) offer for you:

I’d love to help you find 1-2 killer one-liners that you can start using with pride across your brand presence. These things jump out out at me easily and it feels like a fun way to connect with you. So, want in?

Send me your website ( or over on my Facebook page) and a couple potential one-liners that you come up with yourself, and I’ll help you take them to the next level. Fun, right?

To powerful statements and clear signals!
- Lisa