Facing Your Business Fears: Interview with Camille DeSalme

Branding Takes Guts.

It’s not easy to tear down the layers of posturing and filtered truths that have kept us safe from scrutiny and rejection for most of our lives. But listen to the success stories of almost any business role model, and you’ll hear a common theme: real success came only when they decided to be themselves and nothing but themselves in business.

This is something we know we must do in our heads, but for many of us, it’s a constant challenge to put this into practice. I’ve always been fascinated with exploring new ways to find the bravery to show up as your authentic self in this world, so interview possibilities percolated immediately when I met Camille DeSalme.

Camille is the creator of the Clear Path Process, through which she guides people to dealing with the fear that is getting in the way of their goals and dreams. We chatted over a live Blab broadcast and discussed why bravery is so important in business, the common fears we face as entrepreneurs, and her refreshing process for handling fear in your business and life. I’ve pulled out the best highlights into 17 condensed minutes of business wisdom, but you can also view the entire conversation, unedited, here.

Watch the Discussion:

Here’s What We Cover:

  • Why bravery is an important ingredient in the branding process.
  • An intro to Camille and her Clear Path Process. (1:00)
  • My tip for overcoming fear faster. (2:27)
  • The common fears that trip up entrepreneurs. (3:00)
  • Handling the unexpected, and the relationship between fear and creativity. (8:05)
  • The Clear Path Process for handling fear in business. (9:50)
  • Age & impostor syndrome — and why all experience is not created equal. (13:40)
  • Why you shouldn’t be putting so much pressure on yourself. (14:54)

Some Tweet-Ready Takeaways:

“Face your fear of the unexpected by remembering how stunningly creative you are.”

“Don’t push past your fear, welcome it in. Seek the underlying noble purpose.”

“When you’re creating something new, nobody can grant you permission but yourself.”

“Branding isn’t as delicate as you think. You don’t succeed or fail in just one try.”

You can find out more about Camille and the Clear Path Process at camilledesalme.com.