Take this feedback challenge: the best email you'll send today.

A Feedback Challenge: The best email you’ll send today.

We’ll never have all the answers in our business.

But we’ll have more of them if we do the one simple activity I’m sharing with you today. It’s often the first action I have new clients take when we start working together.

And, if you’re as great at what you do as I know you are, it can even provide a heck of a pick-me-up.

What is it? A simple request for client feedback.

I guarantee you that there are thoughts on your clients’ minds that you’re not aware of – flattering ones, constructive ones, invaluable ones.

You want those thoughts!

If you’re not asking for them, you’re leaving a whole whack of insight and inspiration on the table.

I love seeing clients light up when they get this concrete perspective on their brand. Last week, a new client was thrilled to learn how much a certain aspect of her products was valued — something she had completely underestimated.

That’s when I decided this was a topic I wanted share with you, as well.

Ready? Here’s how to do this right.

It’s simple. You’re looking for four kinds of information when gathering feedback.

1) What do they want and care about when it comes to the service you offer?

Ask them what they were looking for in a (coach/designer/artist — whatever it is you do) and what they found frustrating about the alternatives on the market.

2) What they value most about you and the way you work.

Ask them about the highlights of their experience with you and what they think you do really well.

Put the answers to use: Pay close attention to anything that comes up in both answers. For example, if they really value “approachability” and they point out that you’re amazing at helping people feel at home? That’s something you might want to double down on.

3) Learn what motivated them to buy.

Ask what sparked their need or desire to buy your service. Ask what specific problems or desires drove them to seek you out.

Put it to use: Collect these into what I call an “Inventory of Client Needs & Desires,” and, over time, you’ll be able to pull out recurring themes as re-usable sound bites and one-liners to use across your brand. You’ll never have to pull copy out of thin air again.

4) Find out how to serve them better.

Ask them where they’re still stuck or if there’s anything that they felt was missing from their work with you.

Put it to use: Mine this feedback for ways to enhance your products and offerings, or ideas for new add-ons or offers to complement your existing ones. It’s also a great opportunity to over-deliver by sending something back that will help them right away.

Action Time.

You can put these questions into an email and send it off to 2-3 of your favourite clients within the next fifteen minutes. No sweat!

Think about all of the services and products you’ve bought over the years and just how rare it is for somebody to actually seek out your feedback. Truly, it shocks me how rarely I get asked these critical questions by the people I hire.

So, if you actually take action on this today, you’ll be well ahead of the game. You’ll get actionable insights, fresh perspective, and the makings for some incredible testimonials out of it.

Tell me how it goes!

Stay inspired,