Finding Focus: Stay On Purpose

The Finding Focus Blog Series shows you how to use your brand strategy as a powerful decision-making tool that will help you focus your energy and grow your business.

Why does your business really exist?

The world is cluttered. When you start a business, publish a blog post, or even just share a tweet or a YouTube video, you’re both adding to and competing with that clutter. It’s not pretty, but it’s how this online business thing works.

Many pack up and go home after just a short while of trying to get seen and heard. But I know that, as a substantial brand creator, though you really don’t revel in the idea of “playing the game” or adding to the noise, you aren’t going to give in.

You’re going to continue to show up and speak up because you’re pursuing something worthwhile. Right?

That’s purpose. That is your business’ reason for existence.

And it’s one of the key drivers of effectiveness in your business and daily activities. It tells you where to focus your energies, and when to let something go. That’s why it’s such a powerful tool for keeping you focused and on track.

It’s the process of choosing your battle.

When you know the battle you’re fighting every day, you get all kinds of additional clarity and focus across your business:

  • You know why the world needs you to show up and do your best work every day. (Pretty motivating!)
  • You get really good at fighting this one battle. Distraction and “battle-hopping” only spreads you thinner.
  • You become known as a key player in that particular battle, and people start seeking you out to join you.
  • You can partner with allies who are fighting the same battle to increase your impact and make this entrepreneurship struggle a little less lonely.

Scared to Tie Yourself Down?

To be effective in this life, we need desperately to let go of the illusion that we can or should do everything. We have to decide what matters, and let others pick up the opportunities and problems outside of the scope of our purpose.

That said, you are not your business. That means that you, as an individual, can have a life’s purpose or calling that is broader than your business’ purpose. Think of your business as being one of the ways you are fulfilling your life’s purpose, but not necessarily the only way. That frees your business up to be its own entity and to have its own mandate. This will be very helpful in dealing with all of the random ideas that come up for you as an entrepreneur.

So What’s Your Purpose?

First, remember that your mission or purpose statement is not a marketing message or a tagline – it’s got to be created for your own benefit first. It’s a directional tool to guide you, not meant to impress or sell.

Though it should be big and ambitious – this battle is likely to continue on well past your lifetime – it should include a sense of territory or scope that tells you what does or doesn’t fit under the umbrella of your business purpose. If everything fits, it’s definitely too vague!

Some Examples:

Author and coach Jennifer Lee (Creator of the Right-Brain Business Plan) “empowers creatives to leverage their right-brain genius in their business (and life.)”

My client Juliana, artist and creator of Violeta Roots, exists “To remind and connect. To bring people home to what really matters.”

The Life is Good apparel brand is all about “Spreading the power of optimism.”

So what are you all about?

Finding Focus Action Step:

Craft your Purpose Statement! Make sure it is action-oriented; something you can actually envision ways to do.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few discovery questions for you:

  • Why does the world need your industry, product, or service?
  • What would the world miss out on if you never existed?
  • What big problem or issue do you feel most moved to fix in the world during your lifetime?
  • What is it you’re truly in the business of?

The Power of Purpose Comes with Living It.

If an idea, opportunity or request comes along that doesn’t support your purpose, it should likely be a “no.” Everything you do should be worked through this filter of your greater reason for being.

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