The world needs substantial brands.

Are you building a Substantial Brand?

Substantial branding isn’t about moulding and polishing, it’s about knowing and respecting an essence.

A substantial brand comes from a deep, meaningful place inside of you. When you get deep enough, you find unchanging, rock-strong worldviews, values, and abilities that make up something the world has never seen before. That essence is your true brand. Stay anchored in this, and you can constantly recreate and reimagine your business without compromising (or confusing) what you’re really about.

A substantial brand sounds different, not just in how it speaks, but what it says. It brings a new perspective to the same old conversations. It’s obsessed with a topic or idea in which it tirelessly pursues mastery and greater understanding.

A substantial brand acts different. It doesn’t just tell a compelling story, but aligns its entire business approach with its differing perspective. It innovates in small and big ways. It knows the point of branding isn’t just to get noticed, but to get fully embraced so it can change the world.

A substantial brand is a marathon runner, not a sprinter. It doesn’t expect overnight success, but knows that what it’s doing is worth a determined and steady fight. It builds success by staying true to its principles, not chasing trends or jumping on coattails. (Though it forgives itself for getting off-track sometimes.)

You can’t copy a substantial brand; It is made up of an essence that is unique to its creator and visionary.

You don’t easily forget a substantial brand; It stands out in the same unapologetic way that a confident person commands a room.

Substantial brands are brave, they are original, and they are needed.

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To standing out with substance!