Are You an Undersharer?

Ever feel invisible in your business?

I’ve been in that place many times over the years, but last year was different. I had gone through a very sad time in my personal life and felt incredibly alone and disconnected. Trying to continue with regular content felt forced and impossible.

As I tried to dig deep and reignite my motivation, I was confronted by a sad fact that was becoming increasingly obvious to me about these feelings of isolation:

Nobody really knew who I was. And it was all my fault.

I continuously edited out the personality and “extra stuff” from my writing that didn’t relate directly to branding. On a pursuit to be highly relevant to my people, I didn’t see room for my own personality or stories in fulfilling that promise.

But it went deeper than that.

I didn’t want people to think that I was trying too hard; that I was following the vulnerability trend or being self-indulgent with my content. I took pride in the fact that I was a “picky sharer” and didn’t use the internet as a stage for the “me” show.

But there were a few things that told me I needed to challenge this thinking instead of accept it as my true nature.

First, I wanted to be known. Who doesn’t? It wasn’t my desire to come across as a robotic source of how-to jargon. I craved self-expression and knew that I was communicating out of a place of fear instead of bravery.

Second, I felt resentment toward those who seemed to so freely share of themselves online. Not a pretty fact, but a very important sign-post that there was something missing in my own world.

And finally, potentially most importantly from a business standpoint, I felt completely disconnected from my audience, and engagement was almost non-existent. There was no real connection on an emotional level because I wasn’t really showing them who I was.

Now, I’m still an undersharer. I still feel like there’s a big barrier and tonnes of filters and “shoulds” and “what ifs” in my way each and every time I publish something out into the world. (This one’s a doozy.)

But I’m fighting it, I’m ready to win that battle, and I want you to win right alongside me.

The introvert movement tells us that it’s admirable and okay to be the quiet ones… and it is! But feeling silenced — feeling unable to let yourself be vulnerable and fully seen — is not okay.

Even introverts and “picky sharers” (aka: perfectionists) have an innate need to feel expressed and known for who they are. Struggling to speak up and show up leaves many of us feeling invisible or like we’re putting on a façade in our business.

So, today, I’m instigating the beginning of a movement for undersharers.

And what’s an undersharer?

An undersharer is simply somebody who doesn’t feel that they’re showing up and sharing as much of themselves or their message as they wish to in the world.

Someone who deeply wants to be seen, heard, and expressed more fully.

Ready to show up regularly, unapologetically, as yourself in this world? Sign up below to become part of this movement, join the community, and take the free challenge.

Hope to see you in there!

An Undersharer is simply someone who holds back online, but deeply wants to be seen, heard, and more fully expressed. #undersharers