What to Expect When You’re Branding

Can you imagine what the Mona Lisa looked like after only a few strokes?

Paint palette

Use it patiently, purposefully.

You wouldn’t recognize it as the masterpiece you know today.

Fact is, because we so often only see the end result, it can be easy to overlook an important truth about creating things:

Everything goes through ugly stages.

Branding is no different.

The clearer your vision for the end result, the more purposeful you can be with each new addition (and the less ‘ugly’ it has to be in the meantime.)

But you can’t expect to go from zero to masterpiece overnight.

You can only add a few elements at a time. Layer one decision after another. And slowly, a full and beautiful brand will start to form.

The moral of the story?

While talent and know-how are incredibly important for building your brand, it doesn’t stop there.

Like an artist, you will also need to show up with a healthy dose of vision, patience, and perseverance.

These are what will keep you from constantly going back to the drawing board out of boredom or discouragement (a surefire way to never actually finish what you started out to do.)

So be prepared to be in it for the long haul, holding true to the vision of what you know it can become.

Charge bravely and assuredly through the awkward teen years of your brand.

Remind yourself that Apple looked like this once.

And don’t believe anybody that tells you that they can build you a brilliant brand overnight.


Searching for some silver lining? Here it is: this process can start now. Use my free Heart of Your Brand worksheet to start shaping your vision for your brand. Then start seeing progress from that point on – one action at a time.